by Mutiara Damansara

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released July 2, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Mutiara Damansara Caen, France

Indie/DIY band from Normandy that plays an ethereal mix between Dream Pop, Black Metal and Post-Rock.

[R.I.P 2010-2016]

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Track Name: Car Wreck
I was standing alone
Nearby a terrible accident
Standing in front of this vast
and desolated land
No sun could even shine
through these clouds
black as the greatest depths

This guy told me
I was looking for you
Then he held my hand and took me
For journey through
So depressively similar places
I could never wonder the destination of that journey
was were I always wanted to be.

Unfortunately I
found only a place that vanished
Before my eyes. Before my eyes.
And the girl I thought I could love
was just the girl I missed all my life
You fade away like a ghost

Cause I just died
Only moments ago
In fact I have starded to die
Since the day I forgot to
Look at you my love...
If you still want to hear 'bout me
They'll play this song at my funeral
Track Name: Nothing Left
We’re all searching something from beyond the abyss
We let oursevles being guided by noises carried by the wind
The Cold grabbing my neck. The wind drying my tears
The blank expression on my face

Wait I here something coming in my room
Like a force wanting to take me out of here
I think it wants me to keep on my trip into the void

It’s so empty here, it was not what I was looking for

It’s always the same, I think I can put my trust in you
But in the end there isn’t anything left

Nothing left of what we said
Nothing left of what we did
Nothing Left of what we were
Already vanished in the void

Nothing Left of what we said
Nothing Left of what we did
Nothing Left of what we were
This is the hurt I do live for
Track Name: When you are not there
When you are not there
It seems like Death has taken you away
Even if your memory encloses glimmers
In my loneliness they are cold embers

I whisper mentally in silence
Like mantras which may not be heard

If you are not there
Then neither am I
Are you still floating in the air?
Or are we about to die?

Here lingers a mute suffering
Here decay stiffens ropes
Here, away fade my hopes
Here I am a mere thing

Silence sounds an odd tune
An endless dull and glum tune
Playing with the daily triviality
Track Name: Pearls
Suspends les souvenirs rayonnants, douce pluie,
En déliant la corde sans meurtrir les chairs;
Évadée du sommeil, ta parole séduit,
Les regards innocents plongés dans les chimères.

Car étreinte de vous, ô gouttes éternelles,
L'âme accablée hurle ses songes dévorés,
Attendant qu'enveloppe et liberté se mêlent,
Pour briser les chaînes d'affranchis prisonniers.

Ami, vois le ciel échanger avec le sol,
Sa noble grâce emportée par la brise folle,
Chagrin immaculé de grisâtres nuages;

Et l'éclat de tes perles, miroirs d'une brume,
Sourit toujours au morne, car à travers les âges,
Mélancolie écarte les remords posthumes.