Every Soul Is A Shining Star

by Mutiara Damansara

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released March 28, 2015

All music by Charlize Ann Myers
All lyrics by Charlize Ann Myers except spoken words
on "The Old Lady's Words" by Tenta Mandylion

Charlize Ann Myers: Vocals, guitars, programming
Cyanure Nevermore: Guitars, Bass
Grumpy Woodcutter: Bass
Josua Germond: Guitars

Artwork by Barbara Florczyk
Logo by Tégénaire Taciturne

Recorded between autumn 2012 and summer 2014 at home in Giberville, Basse-Normandie
Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Sébastyèn D.

Contains samples from: "Prince Of Darkness": (Track 1) "Grave Encounters": (Track 3),
"Europa": (Track 3 and 4)", Les Rencontres d'après minuit": (Track 4), "Battlestar Galactica" (Track 5



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Mutiara Damansara Caen, France

Indie/DIY band from Normandy that plays an ethereal mix between Dream Pop, Black Metal and Post-Rock.

[R.I.P 2010-2016]

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Track Name: Post Apocalyptic Lovesong
Walking in a dark building
Surrounded by one thousand souls
But walking alone nevertheless
How can they all seem so fake
Under the golden shapes of appearances ?

Your shadow appears and dissapears
Under the cold street lights
The silhouette of a beautiful girl
running down the coil shaped stairs
Each time I reach out my hand for you
You fade away in the mist

The streets going downward
The buildings growing higher and higher
But they seem to get older and older
Will they fall down on me?
All I want is to have another chance to see you
To hold you tight against me
Before everything collapses.

Now grab my hand as hard as you can
Let we run from this collapsing city
Everything is getting burned to the ground
As long as we love each other
We have everything
Even when everything else has died

Welcome to the land of no return
There's nothing in here so take a look in the mirror
(What do you see ?)
Track Name: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
No words came to my mouth
I could barely move
Probably was it just my spirit
That couldn't stand so much beauty

Skin white as the snow
That covered the land
Eyes the colour
Of the lakes behind the moutains

Of course beneath your skin
There was a blood and a heart
Black as the darkest ashes
That come from underneath the land

I guess I have to move on
And let the snow melt
But did I forget to mention
We're near the artic circle ?

I wish I had something to tell you
Before you left me under the rain
Track Name: Artificial Dim Light
Is there someone left in here ?
My head is feeling fuzzy
I don't know how I got here
Can somebody please hear me ?
Or has everyone else turned deaf ?
Can somebody turn on the light ?

What the hell is this place ?
Why does everything seem so unreal ?
Nothing makes sense and everything seems so aimless
Can somebody turn on the fucking light ?

Don't ask for the key, it's in your blood
Get on your feet. Walk up the stairs
An artificial dim light is shining in the corner of that room.

Has everyone else turned deaf ?
Can somebody hear my call ?
Track Name: To Sad Friends
Rise. Feel. Again

Rise from dark
Feel your true self
And forget these obscure feelings

Feel all the light
You owe nothing to them
You owe nothing to pain

Bury them deep and disattach yourself
From what they did to you.
There's no such thing as dependance to pain
Crush the past with bare hands
You owe nothing to hem
You owe nothing to these places, theses pleople
They're executioners.
You owe nothing to them
You owe nothing to pain

Wherever you are, and you're in grief
Whoever you are, I just want you to know
That I'm here
I may not have encountered pain as deep as yours.
But I can still hear you call.
Track Name: Deep Space Trip
Remember the day, Back on Caprica
We laid on a grass wet by the morning dew
The air gets pure, the clouds going away
And the buildings. They disappear

Dreaming, Stargazing
The warmth of your body against mine
We're floating in deep space
Do you think we can reach this galaxy ?

Welcome to a world
Where escape is the only law
Gravity no longer binds us
But sorrow still drags us down
Take the pills, sleep my child
Let me sparkle cosmic dust in your eyes
We're lovers who met in outer space
But sorrow still drags us down

Supernovas and black holes surrounding us
But when will we reach the brightest stars
If universe is infinite so shall be love

Let's join hands and move faster than light speed
The world is ours so will be the universe
All our lives we've seen no colours but black
Though we deserved to see the unreal colours of space

Blood gets purified
And reality slowly resurfaces

It is not real, it can't never be real
It is a dream, it's nothing but a dream
Track Name: The Old Lady's Words
We build what hurts us
We destroy what we love
The pleasant feelings gone too fast
The hurting memories that for too long last

We breathe
We feel the pain around our world
We wonder what keeps it going round

I drowned my childhood
Under the black wings of hate
The annual winter depression's barely gone
That springtime melancholy comes along.

We breathe
We feel the pain inside our hearts
We wonder what keeps our souls alive

Wasted teenage years
Junkie early twenties
But all the drugs and alcohol
Won't save me from falling in this hole.

We breathe
We feel the pain inside our hearts
The feeling of pain that keeps us alive